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Manual emptying revamped in Shinyanga – Formalising & Equipping Watu Kazi Group

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


Watu Kazi Manual Emptiers receiving a drainage unblocking kit from the WASH SDG Programme in Shinyanga to support their emptying work

Through the WASH SDG Programme and close collaboration between the Shinyanga Municipal Council and SNV, a group of 9 committed manual emptiers have been supported to form an association called WATU KAZI and provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as overalls, boots, gloves and masks. They have since opened up a bank account and are in the process of registering their association as a recognised business. These steps are helping them get recognition (a radio session with the chair of WATU KAZI on Radio Faraja was organised and held on 1st October 2021), work more effectively as a group, and operate more safely. As further encouragement, the Programme handed over drainage unblock kit on 1st October 2021 that will be jointly managed and used by WATU KAZI (see photo).

Next on the horizon, the WASH SDG in collaboration with partners is set out to equip the group with a semi-mechanised emptying device to further improve this essential service to the Shinyanga Municipality while improving their working conditions and recognition within their communities



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